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I'm a 20 year old college student with lots a free time. Time spent sleeping, studying, or online. I post stuff that makes me laugh, or anything that interests me. I'm also an Air Force SO so I recommend following my other blog for LDR and Military posts.

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why the fuck is charmeleon red

its like that one kid in highschool who dyes his hair because he doesnt want anyone to think he’s related to his family but everyone can tell anyway

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Remember when they were going to censor the internet?

Remember when people cared about Kony?

Remember when people did the cinnamon challenge?

Remember when everyone played Temple Run?

Remember the Alamo?

Remember the Titans?

remember who you are

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November.

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The book “Go the Fuck to Sleep”
Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

Before you fall asleep tonight, just listen to this

Just imagine Nick Fury reading this to Thor so he can fall asleep

I always reblog this on principle but the Avengers context puts a whole new spin on things

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